Woman Killed after Falling from Party Bus in Downtown Los Angeles Identified

Heather Garcia Identified as Victim of Los Angeles Crash on Highway 101 at Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles Crash
Woman Killed after Falling from Party Bus in Downtown Los Angeles Identified

Los Angeles, California (January 30, 2022) – 29-year-old Heather Garcia was the woman who fell from a party bus and got hit by another vehicle early Saturday morning in downtown Los Angeles, as per a local news source.

The accident happened just before 3 a.m. on northbound Highway 101 at Los Angeles Street.

Garcia was reportedly dancing when she tripped and fell on the door. The door opened, and the woman fell from the bus onto the highway, where a moving vehicle hit and killed her in the third lane.

Both drivers stopped and cooperated with investigators.

Garcia was a wife to Rafael Corral and a mother of five young children.

According to family members, the deceased was celebrating her niece’s birthday when the incident occurred.

Authorities are investigating the crash.

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