Pilot, UPS Driver Killed in Santee Plane Crash near Santana High School

Dr. Sugata Das Killed after His Plane Crashed into UPS Truck, Homes in Santee

Monterey County Crash
Pilot, UPS Driver Killed in Santee Plane Crash near Santana High School

Santee, California (October 12, 2021) – Dr. Sugata Das was the pilot who died after his plane crashed into a truck and several homes in Santee on Monday afternoon, as per a local news source.

The driver of a UPS truck that was clipped by the plane also died in the accident that happened at around 12:15 p.m. on Greencastle Street near Jeremy Street.

As per the article, the FAA said a twin-engine Cessna C340 crashed near Santana High School as it was headed to San Diego from Yuma, Arizona.

A witness told authorities that the plane’s wing clipped the UPS truck as it was approaching a stop sign, and the fuselage then slid toward two homes and exploded, setting the homes ablaze.

Das was the pilot and died in the accident. The driver of the UPS truck, who is yet to be identified, was also killed in the crash.

According to Santee Fire Department, a husband and a wife whose home was struck by the plane were hospitalized with unspecified injuries.

No student at Santana High School was hurt.

Authorities also said that at least five other homes were damaged in addition to the two that were burned.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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