Multi-Vehicle Collison on I-10 in West Covina Sends 2 to Hospital

4 Vehicles Involved in West Covina Crash on Interstate 10 at West Covina Pkwy

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Multi-Vehicle Collison on I-10 in West Covina Sends 2 to Hospital

West Covina, California (October 5, 2021) – Police officers, firefighters, and medical personnel responded to eastbound Interstate 10 at West Covina Pkwy in West Covina on Monday after receiving reports of a multi-vehicle collision.

At the scene, the responders found four vehicles that had collided at around 10:44 p.m.

Police officers determined that a San Gabriel Valley tow truck, a Jeep, a black pickup truck, and a sedan collided under unclear circumstances.

One of the parties involved was trapped inside one of the vehicles.

Medical personnel offered aid to one person who suffered a large laceration and a head injury and another party who sustained unspecified injuries. One of the patients was then taken to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and the other to Queen of the Valley Hospital for further treatment.

The Jeep was blocking the No. 2 lane after the accident. The tow truck and the sedan were in the center divider and the pickup truck on the right-hand shoulder.

Authorities are investigating to find out the cause of the pileup.

Traffic Collisions in California

California is among the states that record the highest number of traffic collisions every year. Most of the accidents are caused by avoidable human factors, including distracted driving, speeding, traffic violation, drunk driving, following too closely, and more. Other factors such as bad weather and slick roads also cause car accidents but to a lesser degree.

While most of the auto accidents cause property damage and minor injuries only, high impact collisions almost always result in major injury or fatality.

Collisions resulting in major injuries are life-altering, and proper legal action should be taken to alleviate the effects of such accidents.

Need for a Car Accident Lawyer

Sustaining severe injuries in a car accident is a regrettable event that needs serious legal action. Our auto accident attorney insists on the need to immediately initiate a legal process to defend your rights after being involved in a traffic collision.

The best way to start the process is by consulting with a professional car accident lawyer. An attorney will examine your car accident and advise on the options you have.

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